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From the mountains of Coamo

PESKY ®products were conceived from a notebook of recipes that belonged to the owners Great Aunt Emma, who lived in the jungle mountains of Coamo, Puerto Rico. where she concocted remedies for various ailments and pestering's from the natural ingredients available to her. She shared these solutions with many in her family and many are still used today.

Do you love the outdoors?!

Protect You And Your Loved Ones With The Best - Sun, Bug, Dry Skin Protection Available! Keeps Away Pesky And Dangerous No-See-Ums, Mosquitos, Biting Flies, Ticks, Fire Ants, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Gnats, And More.

Pesky Bug Stay Away Spray contains the most clinically proven, effective, natural, insect repelling ingredients in one product.

Why is that important?
Pesky Bug Away Spray does not count on 1 or 2 ingredients and hope the bug does not like them. We count on over a dozen scientifically proven ingredients that we know bugs do not like.

What Makes Emma Beans Pesky Bug Away Different?
It is a spray lotion, not sticky, oily, greasy. It is one of the only you can use on your face as it was designed to be a daily facial moisturizer that is good for your skin. It can be sprayed on your clothing, it will not stain. Also, the only to provide sun and dry skin protection. Finally, it is guaranteed, you don't like it, you say it does not work, we send your money back. No other company stands behind their products like we do. 

What People Are Saying...

"It worked like nothing I ever used before... It's now been tested over and over, by family and friends, all having nothing but positive things to say."

Nelson M, Babylon NY

"After my last hike to take pictures, I found more than 50
ticks on me. Disgusted, I captured ticks to see if anything repelled them. To my surprise, your product worked. I was amazed and now have tested it in the field and can honestly say it works."

John T. Belleville, NJ

"I wanted something safe for my 7-year-old triplets plus one (5 yrs.
old). After hearing about it and reviewing the ingredients, I decided to give it a try. It worked better than, Skin So Soft, Fairy Tales Product, and Off."

Jen, Middletown, NJ

Even Fire Ants Stay Away From It!

The most insect repelling ingredients in one product. Repels no see um's, mosquito's, biting flies, fire ants, hornets, ticks, gnats and more Protects skin from drying winds & sun. 

All-natural and pleasantly scented safe for children and pets!

Deet Free, Pesticides Free, Paraben Free
Non-Toxic, All Natural Ingredients
Safe for children, Proven Effective
Keep Your Skin Hydrated