1. Does your product work? Yes, it has been tried and proven to repel Mosquitos, Ticks, Gnats, No See Ums, Greenhead flies, sand flies and many more insects. We do our best to get and provide video proof our products actually perform as we say. Finally there is a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee if your not satisfied with the results.

2. What makes Emma Beans Products different from other natural repellents? Pesky Bug Stay Away Spray uses natures very own repelling botanicals to keep mosquitoes, ticks, no see ums, greenhead flies, black flies, and more away. We have found a way to synergistically combine these in  an extremely effective solution that keeps these dangerous and annoying pests away.To this we added top moisturizing ingredients and zinc oxide (15+ SPF) for sun and dry skin protection

3. Why not just mix my own essential oils and create a repellent? First, we do not just mix the ingredients together, we have found a way to combine our ingredients to make our product more effective. Second, the cost to mix the same ingredients would be far more expensive than what we charge.

4. Is it safe for children? Yes, it is safe to spray on children and their clothes. It is not safe to ingest.

5. How long does a bottle typically last? The bottle should last around 30 days on average, but that all depends on how much you use it. The product has a 2 year shelf life.

6.You say it has Sun protection, what is the SPF? The All In One Outdoor Skin Solution has Zinc Oxide added to it, and is equivalent to 15+SPF.

7. How does it protect against Dry Skin? We added many skin protecting ingredients, including Vitamin E, Jojoba, Aloe, Coconut oil, Zinc Oxide and others.

8. Does Emma Beans contain Deet or other dangerous chemicals? Emma Beans products do not contain Deet or any other dangerous chemicals

9. Does your products prevent the diseases carried by insects? No, our product just helps to keep the insects away.